10 Must-Have Kitchen Tools

There are certain things that every kitchen must have. Things that every cook must have, whether professional or just a home cook. If you are going to cook, then here’s what you need to stock your kitchen with to make the task possible.

kitchen tools

1. Knives – Every cook must have a good set of knives. This does not mean steak knives or butter knives. You need a set of knives for cutting all of the things you’ll need to cut to prepare food. And there are three knives that you will need to get the job done. You will need a serrated knife, a 10-inch chef knife, and a paring knife.

Be sure you test out your knives before buying. They should have some weight to them, but also feel good in your hand. The blade should go all the way up to the handle and have a good balance. And you don’t want to go cheap when you buy your knives. You will want to get the best set that you can afford.

2. Cutting boards – You will want at least two – one for uncooked protein and one for fruits and vegetables and cooked foods. Get them different colors so you don’t confuse them. Avoid wood cutting boards as they are hard to clean.

3. Mixing bowls – A set of three bowls of varying sizes that fit inside of each other is perfect. Get them in stainless steel as these are versatile and will last a long time.

4. Measuring spoons and cups – You can’t cook without being able to measure out your ingredients. You should have separate measuring cups for liquids and dry ingredients so you can pour the liquids and level of the dry ingredients.

5. Cookware – It’s up to you whether you go with non-stick or not, but keep in mind that you should never use metal utensils in non-stick pans. You will need two skillets of varying size, two pots of varying size and one large stock pot.

6. Utensils – Don’t forget these. Remember to consider the cookware above when determining the kind you’ll want to get. Wooden spoons and utensils are versatile. You’ll also need tongs, spatulas, a meat mallet, and a wire whisk.

7. Meat thermometer – You’ll want to make sure that your meat is properly cooked.

8. Colander – Make sure it fits well in your sink, but is also the right size for your family, based on how much pasta you’ll be making for your family.

9. Bakeware – Even if you aren’t a baker you’ll want a loaf pan (for meatloaf or breads), cookie sheets, a roasting pan and rack, and a pizza pan.

10. Containers – You’ll want plastic storage containers for storing leftovers. And if you buy foods in bulk, you’ll want something to put it in to keep fresh and airtight once open.

Having these ten items in your kitchen are absolutely necessary to cook. You can use other utensils beyond these, but these are the basic items you’ll need.

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