Fall 2014 Pet Supplement Mini-Ezine

Animals are dear to my heart. I have dogs, but I’m concerned about the well-being of all animals. Here is a free 16-page mini-ezine loaded with up-to-date information on how to choose and care for your pets.  Click on the link below the image for your printable report.


Fall 2014 Pet Supplement: Click Here

The topics covered are listed below:

1. Could your darling new ball of fur be the product of a dangerous puppy mill?

2. Pet-proofing your home in preparation for adopting a shelter animal

3. Boost your pet’s health with these preventive measures

4. Vet-approved tips for keeping your pet out of the ER

5. Look what the cat dragged in: Pests your pets bring home

6. Passion pays off: No-kill movement saves millions of animals per year

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