The Primer of Housework – Upstairs Work – 1922

In the last article, daily downstairs work was covered. This post talks about the daily routine of upstairs work. This is also adapted from a 1922 Good Housekeeping magazine. As I read this and rewrote it, I realized how very hard women of the past had to work.

upstairs housework

The Daily Routine of Upstairs Work

As soon as the downstairs general work is completed, go upstairs to the rooms already left airing by their occupants. (I have read this in many old homemaking books. Apparently, they would open the windows and air the bedrooms when they got up.)

1. Tidy the bathrooms first.

Clean and disinfect the bowls, wipe off faucets. Wash the floor only once a week unless needed. Wash the tub. Renew soap and bathroom supplies from the storage shelf. Keep a basket of cleaning supplies in the bathroom so they are right there when you need them.

Renew linen from the linen closet. hang up fresh towels of two sizes, as well as bath towels. Be sure to give the guest bathroom an inspection visit, even though there is no guest.

2. “Do up” one room at a time.

Put away garments and shoes. Disturb personal possessions as little as possible. Tidy around them. Air the bed.

Turn the mattress once a week. Then put fresh, clean sheets on the bed. Change pillow cases twice a week.

3. Dust Mop Floors

Next, use a soft floor mop, paying special attention to the floor under the beds. Once a week wash the floors and vacuum the rugs. Dust the sleeping rooms every day.

Finally, dust-mop the hall, and on Wednesday sort and put away the clean linen from the laundry, carrying the basket filled with mending into the sewing room for attention there.

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