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Discover How This House Cleaning Checklist Can Help You Speed Clean Your Home Faster Than Ever

By Sherry Hall

When it comes to getting your house clean fast, a house cleaning checklist can really help. You will save time and brainpower by having this handy. That way you can focus all your energy on getting the job done so you can enjoy the rest of your day doing something fun! So, grab your supplies and let’s get started.



* Put things in proper places

* Wash dishes, pots and pans

* Clean the sink, counter and cupboards

* Clean tiles and grouts

* Wipe tables and chairs

* Clean the refrigerator and freezer, remove expired products

* Mop and dry the floor

* Sanitize the whole area


* Clean tiles and grouts

* Clean toilet bowls

* Change towels, refill tissue box

* Clean sinks, windows and door

* Disinfect the whole area

* Empty garbage


* Make your bed

* Dust all furniture, appliance and other surfaces

* Clean windows

* Change curtains, sheets, fluff pillows

* Vacuum carpets, mop and dry the floor

* Remove cobwebs

* Empty trash bins

Living room:

* Dust all areas, furniture and appliances

* Straighten up the sofa, fluff the pillows

* Clean windows

* Vacuum carpets

* Vacuum curtains or toss them in the dryer for a few minutes to remove dust

* Mop and dry the floor

* Remove cobwebs

* Empty trash bins

Hallways, stairs and other parts:

* Dust all areas and furniture

* Remove cobwebs

* Vacuum carpets

* Mop and dry the floor

* Polish the floor

A few more tips that may help you are:

* Start cleaning earlier in the day when you are not already tired.

* Remember that the proper sequence is to clean from the top to bottom. This will help prevent you from having to clean the same area twice.

* Be sure to keep your cleaning supplies in a handy location. But preferably one that is out of reach of children.

* Maintenance is a huge time saving key! So, try to keep things picked up and wiped up as much as possible in between your regular cleaning days.

Hopefully this house cleaning checklist will save you some time and help to make the job a little less daunting. Speed cleaning is an awesome technique that anyone can easily master. It’s a great time saver and you may be surprised at just how easy it can be.

Sherry Hall is a work at home mom and a cleaning professional. Her website focuses on speed cleaning and environmentally friendly cleaning options. To learn more about these techniques and how to make and use your own custom house cleaning checklist be sure to visit http://www.QuickCleaningAnswers.com.

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Printable Spring Cleaning Checklists

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