Simple Home Organization Techniques For Everyone

By Brenda Williams

Organizing the home space may seem difficult when the spaces are encompassed with clutter that continues to grow – week after week. Simple tips can be used for all homeowners to maintain a clear space. Imagine being able to find what you are looking for within minutes! You could live in a home that provides you with the space and organization that you require to create a well planned home. Use these simple techniques to begin your quest to organization today.



To get rid of the stack of bills on the counter combined with the mail it is essential to maintain a good filing system. The moment those bills and other correspondences come into the home they should be organized into files. Do you like to have access to your bills until they have been paid? Do this with the help of a “to be paid” folder. Once the bills have been marked as paid, transfer them to their correct file within the file and watch your organization quest become a success.

Five Minutes a Day

Take as little as five minutes a day to work on one small area or task within the home. Use these five minutes to create a small organized space within the home. Five minutes is enough to make a small dent in a pile of laundry, of clothes or of a pile of papers that needs to be taken out to the recycling bin. Make these five minutes worthwhile by preparing a list of simple tasks that can be completed within the five minute time limit.  Attach this list to the fridge and enlist the entire family in the completion of these tasks.

Catch-All Baskets

Catch all baskets at the front door of the home may seem like an organizational nightmare but they can truly be a way to organize the entryway. Small baskets for everyone in the home can be placed at the front door to complete a space which can be used for phones, mail that has yet to be sorted and filed – even car keys. This is a great way to find those things that always seem to disappear within the home. Sunglasses and wallets are often soon found when placed in these handy catch all baskets.

Bedroom Closet

To organize the bedroom closet; simply purchase inexpensive plastic drawer cabinets for those items which are hard to store. This is a great way to organize small shoes and sandals, such as flip flops and even purses. These clear drawers allow the closet owner to see their belongings when they are seeking that specific purse and pair of shoes. These drawers can be labeled easily and make for simple storage solutions for every member of the family.

In the bedroom, use shoe boxes, hat boxes and other decorative storage statements to make a stylish statement while organizing your favorite accessories. Labels can be used to complete the organizational process and this is a great way to add style to any closet within the home.

Using these simple storage solutions, the home can become an organized wonder in as little as five minutes a day. With the proper tools, organization comes easy – even to the most cluttered of homes.

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