How to Reuse Old Sheets, Towels, and Linens

Sheets, towels and other linens are items that we use a lot in our everyday lives. They tend to wear out rather quickly if you have a family. Rather than throw them out, there are many useful and creative ways to repurpose them, and save money in the meantime. Here are a few ideas.

1. Handkerchief Pillows


If you look on Pinterest, you will find where some very creative ladies have made beautiful pillows out of handkerchiefs. These are relatively easy to make if you sew at all. You wouldn’t have to limit these to hankies. How often do we have a pretty flowered bed sheet that is worn in places, but other areas are still new-looking? Cut out the good part and make a pillow from that.

2. Table Napkins


Leftover sheets can also be cut down to make table napkins. Just cut them into squares or rectangles and sew around the edges to keep from fraying. These can be as fancy or as plain as you like.

3. Use Scraps to Repair Clothing

Often, when we are mending or patching torn or worn clothing, we need som fabric scraps. Bed sheets could come in handy for patching holes and tears in clothes.

4. Turn Towels into Cleaning Rags

I rarely ever throw a towel away. I usually cut them into smaller pieces and then use them for scrub rags. They are excellent for cleaning sinks and tubs. They can also be used to wash down walls or even clean up spots on the floor.

5. Use These Fabrics to Teach Sewing

If you have children, you might be teaching them how to sew. Even boys would be better off knowing how to sew on a button or make a basic repair on a torn seam.

To teach children to sew, you’re going to need a lot of spare scrap materials. Then they can make all kinds of mistakes, and good fabric isn’t wasted. A good place to get scrap fabric is from linens, towels and sheets. They can practice either hand sewing or machine sewing.

6. Homemade Toys

Old fabrics make excellent toys for children. When you make them yourself, you know that the materials you are stuffing them with is safe. Wrap up a bunch of shredded linen in a piece of towel, sew it up, and you have a soft homemade ball. You can use this to play with your kids, or even as a toy for your puppy.

Source: via Shellie on Pinterest


Chenille bedspreads make wonderful stuffed toys. Find a pattern and you have plenty of fabric here to make bears or dogs or frogs!

With a little imagination, your old, worn-out fabrics can be made into many useful and fun household items.

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