Hanging Baskets – 3 New Ideas For Your Porch

By Mary Morris

Hanging baskets are ideal for your front porch and can be used for more than just adding color. Everyone notices a porch filled with overflowing flowering plants and vines; it does add immense curb appeal to any home. However, you can also use hanging baskets to achieve other results too.


Herb Baskets

You have the option of either solely planting herbs or combine them with other flowering plants. Not only are you making an attractive decoration for your home but also creating a natural way of enjoying the scent and aroma of fresh herbs.

Consider using herbs like parsley, thyme, basil, oregano, and mints. The best part is you will be able to use the herbs for cooking making it an ideal way to use your porch.

You can also use Sheppard’s hooks in your front porch landscaping scheme to hang herb hanging baskets if your porch does not get enough sunlight.

Monoculture Hanging Basket

An attractive monoculture hanging basket usually contains a single plant that mounds as it grows, is not too tall, and that will cascade or flow over the rim of the basket. As the name implies, this option uses only one type of plant or flower to have that uniform look.

Make sure you choose plants or flowers which have a beautiful lush display like petunias, begonias, or geraniums to name just a few.

You can use such arrangements very successfully to create privacy on your porch. Placed strategically along one side or portion of the front of your porch will, over time, will give you a more private space. Or, use them in the same manner to hide an unsightly feature from view.

Mixed Basket

Use different combinations of colored perennials and annuals to beautify your front porch. You could also use trailing plants with varied colors and scents. Carefully choose plants with long-lasting blooms and mix in with those that only bloom for a short time.

The twist to a mixed basket is to plant edible flowering plants! Yes, there are several varieties of flowers you can use in cooking. Eating flowers dates back to Roman times; it is not anything new.

Exercise caution and do your research; not every flower is edible, some can make you ill.

However, if you do your homework, try these varieties: begonias, carnations, or dandelions. You can also try the flowers of herbs like basil, chicory, dill, fennel, and ginger to name but a few. Again, thoroughly research the plant before you use it in the kitchen!

Enjoy growing and nurturing your hanging baskets. And if you enjoy multi-tasking, use your baskets for more than just their great looks!

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