Gazebos: Elegant and Functional

By Richa Khandel

Gazebos are structures used to offer shade, shelter and a convenient place to rest. They have been around since a long time. A stylish gazebo can be a great addition to your garden offering you a place to relax and feel closer to nature. They can either stand separately in an open space or can be attached to a garden wall. The most common design includes a roof with open sides.


Gazebos are becoming a popular choice with many families as it not only make use of the outdoor area giving it an elegant look but also offers a separate space to enjoy with friends, family and kids. In earlier times, gazebos only served as a shelter place but with time their use has become more diverse. They are now used for relaxation, romance, comfort, enjoyment, spending lone time and also for work. Installing a gazebo in your garden gives you a lot of flexibility. It is just a perfect place for small family outing as well as for reading a book under the cool breeze

Gazebos come in a myriad of designs, styles and colors to suit everyone’s taste and needs. The most popular garden gazebo shapes include- octagon, square, rectangle and oval. Other less popular but stylish shapes include round, pentagonal, hexagonal and octagonal gazebos.

If you are planning to buy a gazebo for your garden, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind-

Space– The first thing to consider before starting your search for a gazebo is your garden space. The size of gazebo will depend upon the amount of space you have.

Material– Wood (pinewood, bamboo) is the most preferred choice for gazebo material. Other materials include vinyl, metals and stone. You can pick the material depending upon the weather in your area. Also consider factors like your taste, maintenance cost and price range.

Design and Style– Gazebos are available in innumerous styles ranging from traditional to modern and contemporary. Structural features like removable windows and walls are also available.

Window and Roofing Options– You can select from sliding windows, bay windows and folding ones. There are many roofing materials available for gazebos; you can choose one as per your taste.

Once you have decided upon all the factors, select the most appropriate site in your garden for its installation. Make sure that you get a good view of the garden from your gazebo.

Gazebos are a fine combination of elegance and functionality. They are easy to build and offer a number of advantages. You can also add some elements around these structures to make it more attractive and appealing.

Gazebo can offer a wonderful appearance to your garden. Gazebos can be used for multiple purposes.

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