Cedar Chests – Keep Your Past And Future Safe

By Jesse Akre

In days of yore people stored there most precious belongings in cedar chests for safe keeping. You see cedar chests are able to protect and preserve anything you put in them because the natural oils in cedar wood are insect repellants. A chest made of cedar is particularly good at repelling moths whose larvae eat things made of natural fibers like wool, linen or paper.

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What can you store in cedar chests?

While the notion of storing things in a chest may seem antiquated it really is not. In fact you’ll be surprised at how much use you can get out of one. Try storing blankets in one or your favorite cashmere sweaters. If it is upholstered on top or even if it isn’t you can use one for extra seating.

Another popular use for cedar chests is storing things for marriage or your future life. Continuing age-old tradition many women store things they plan to take into marriage with them. These items can range from handmade quilts from grandma and mother’s pearls to small appliances and a pair of candlesticks. Anything you keep in cedar chests will be protected and kept like new. And they are not only for women they are perfect for a college bound young man to keep some home items until he finally moves out on his own. And when he or she does finally move out everything is already packed and ready to go.


No need to worry if your cedar chests can withstand some rough handling; made completely out of cedar or crafted from other woods such as oak, cherry or walnut and lined with cedar these beauties are exceptionally strong as well. No matter what they are made of they are beautiful pieces of furniture that are sure to be a welcome addition to your home. Put one at the end of the bed for your keepsakes or keep one in the living room to double as a coffee table and a place to stash some fuzzy blankets or old magazines. Keep one in the hall for extra towels and a place to sit while you are waiting in line for the facilities.

Types of Cedar Chests

Whether you want some cedar chests for looks or extra storage you’ll love the selection you’ll find while shopping online. Better than the one or two in your local furniture store the vast selection waiting for you to explore is ready to ship to your home at the most reasonable prices. Choose from a classic rich cherry finish with four fake drawer fronts or a warm and golden oak chest lined with cedar. Maybe you want one with an upholstered top or one finished in antique white and oh so feminine with gentle curves and flowing detail?

No matter what your taste or décor you are sure to find cedar chests that will fit your needs and your motif. Whether you are storing memories or thoughts of the future you’ll wonder what you did before you had your cedar chest. Whatever you put in your chest your precious things will be stored and protected for generations of use.

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