Attract Butterflies to Your Yard

Did you know that in the United States alone there are 750 different types of butterflies? And globally there are about 17,500 species of butterflies. It’s amazing how many butterflies exist and you’ve probably never seen them. By adding a few butterfly-friendly plants to your landscape and making your yard appealing to butterflies, you may be able to experience nature at a whole different level.  Here are some suggestions on how to attract butterflies to your yard.

attract butterflies to your yard

They’re Not Picky

As beautiful as butterflies are, they’re not really choosy about their environment. They don’t need anything fancy and you sure don’t have to spend a fortune. They really just want the same things we all want – good food, safety, and a nice place to sit and enjoy the sun.

To Attract Butterflies to Your Yard Provide Good Food

Let’s take a look at what butterflies like to eat first. Truly, any plant that is rich in nectar and/or pollen is great. However, there are a few plant varieties that you can count on, including:

* Alyssum and aster
* Bee balm and butterfly bush
* Calendula, daylily, and delphinium
* Fennel, globe thistle, and goldenrod
* Hollyhock and lavender
* Marigold and nasturtium
* Phlox, purple coneflower, and Queen Anne’s lace
* Sage, Shasta daisy, and stonecrop
* Verbena, yarrow, and zinnia

Many of these plants not only attract butterflies to your yard, but also attract hummingbirds. When choosing plants, consider organic, and don’t use chemicals on your garden. You can then be sure that the butterflies that visit your yard are safe.

Safety and Sun

Butterflies enjoy a good tree stump or warm rock to sit on. They also enjoy feeling sheltered and safe. A hedge makes them feel secure. You can also use a fence or trellis covered with vines or create a small grouping of trees or shrubs.

Like birds, butterflies may need some time to learn about your beautiful garden. Be patient. Each summer, you’ll likely enjoy a larger population of visiting butterflies and possibly even hummingbirds.

Naturalizing your back yard is a lovely way to enjoy nature. You can show your appreciation for nature by conserving water and you can start by collecting rainwater.

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