Adding a Tropical Twist to Your Home Decorating

Tropical themes are a fun way to decorate any home, no matter where you live. Even if you don’t want to do a complete overhaul of your living area, you can add elements of the tropics to give you a subtle hint of the magic. Here are some ideas you can implement into your decorating to help you experience a little mini holiday every time you come home.

Small Citrus Trees

Adding a citrus tree to your tropical-themed home is a fun way to liven up your surroundings. You may not be aware that indoor citrus trees are not too difficult to grow. All they need is enough humidity, sunlight, water, fertilizer, and fresh air.

Citrus Scents

Continuing on the theme of citrus – The sweet smell of citrus is a great way to stir the senses when you and your guests enter your home. You can find a variety of citrus scents in home decorating stores and other places. You can also make homemade potpourri and include some dried orange and lemon peels to bring the scent of the tropics home.

Bright Colors

Many tropical countries have brightly painted homes, both indoors and out. If you want your home to whisk you away to another place, then choose a brightly colored paint to take you there. Some ways to bring the fun and liveliness of the tropics into your home is by choosing paint colors such as bright yellows, oranges, blues and greens.

Decorative Palm Trees

These can be found at most gardening stores. Because palm trees commonly grown in tropical areas, simply looking at them makes you feel that you are far away from home. Choose one, two or more and create your own tropical paradise without having to go anywhere at all.


Flowers are a great choice when it comes to giving your home a tropical twist. With so many bright colors and shapes to choose from, you will be able to add your own personal style while bringing life inside. Begonias, African violets, gardenias and orchids are fairly easy to find, and bring life to any space they are put into.


Usually sand is something you wish to keep outdoors. When it comes to decorating in a tropical style, however, it has its place. Place a bowl on a side table to remind you of the beach, or fill a glass bottle with it. Next time you travel, you can even bring back the real thing, straight from the ocean. Every time you look at it, you will relive the memories of your vacation.


Shells are another great tropical element to include. You can pick some up at the store, or bring some back from your own travels. Use a variety of sizes and shades for a quick way to make your home feel like you are living in a beautiful, beach-side paradise.

There are many ways to bring the tropics to your home. With so many fun ways to incorporate it into your decorating style, the possibilities are almost endless. Pick a few of your favorite choices and decorate your home in style – tropical style.

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