8 New Uses for Old Furniture

For an ultra-creative and eco-friendly décor idea, look no further than what you already have. There are plenty of ideas to revitalize and reuse some of your old furniture and give it a brand new life.

repurpose old furniture

1.  Old Entertainment Center = New Kids’ Play Area

Just about everyone has an old media center that they can no longer use, if only because televisions have evolved and just won’t fit anymore. Repurpose that formerly useless entertainment center and build a child’s dream kitchen or art work station. All it takes is some clever re-stationing of the shelves, some paint, and a little creativity.

2.  Old Dresser = New Sideboard

An old dresser makes a beautiful and super useful new sideboard for your entryway. Sand it down and stain it or paint it to match your décor, and update the hardware for a brand new look. You can even cut out some of the drawers and build in shelves for an almost completely new piece of furniture.

3.  Old Ladder = New Shelf

Old wooden ladders make super chic shelving units. You can lean one up against a wall for a free-standing unit, or attach to the wall for more support. This idea works for all sizes of ladders and looks great in just about any room of the house.

4.  Old Headboard = New Storage

Repurpose an old headboard by cutting off the “feet” and hanging it on the wall for some creative shelving. Sand and stain or paint for a brand new look, and add or remove existing shelves to suit your needs.

5.  Old Door = New Headboard

To replace that old headboard, make a new one out of an old wooden door. Give it a distressed look for an antique feel, or shine it up with a new coat of paint to suit your décor.

6.  Old Bookcase = New Dollhouse

When I was a little girl, I would regularly remove my dad’s encyclopedias from the book case and turn it into a dollhouse. I even put some of the books back in to partition off areas or make steps. If you have an old bookcase that you are not using, it could be refinished for a dollhouse. As long as it is safe and there is no danger that it could tip over on your child, it might give her hours of fun. There is no need to even add a roof. Just let her design and decorate it as she wants with her doll furniture and accessories.

7.  Old Dresser = New Bench

Cut out the top section of an old dresser and add some cushions and pillows to create a chic and useful bench that would look great in your kitchen, entryway, or child’s room. Leave the bottom row of drawers intact for extra storage.

8.  Old Chest = New Kitchen Island

There are many old pieces of furniture that would make a great kitchen island. And old chest or dresser can be reinforced and painted to make a super useful kitchen island that anyone would be proud of.

Repurposing old furniture can give you something brand new out of something that was previously no longer useful. Making something beautiful and useful out of something old or ugly is certainly a rewarding task. With a small amount of tools and some paint, you can completely recreate just about anything.

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