6 Ways to Convert Your Basement to an Efficient Living Space

Several families I know have expanded their living quarters by remodeling their basements. Housing is expensive, and moving to a new place is not always feasible. Finishing your basement adds more value to your home if you ever do try to sell it.


Here are 6 ways that you can convert your basement into a pleasant and efficient living area.

1. Family Room or Rec Room

A finished basement can make a wonderful room for a home theater, video games, ping-pong or pool table, or a playroom for kids.

2. Home Office

The basement could be a perfect place for a home office. You would be away from all the activity in the rest of the house, and possibly have room for a file cabinet and desk.

3. Extra Bedroom

One family in my area has five children and only three bedrooms. They turned part of their basement into a bedroom for one of the older sons. A small bathroom could also be added.

4. Efficiency Apartment

Studies show us that many young adults move back in with their parents after college for financial reasons. If you turn your basement into a small apartment, they could live there affordably and still retain their independence.

5. Exercise Room

If you procrastinate exercise because you don’t want to go to the gym all the time, an area in your basement could be equipped with floor mats, a treadmill, and maybe some weight equipment. Don’t forget a CD player so you can have some music to work out to!

6. Canning Kitchen

I know of one lady who has a little kitchenette in her basement just for canning. She has a large garden and gives all of her adult children a stock of canned goods for Christmas. This keeps all of those canning supplies out of the main kitchen. Plus, she has storage shelves to put all of her food on when she is finished with it.

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