4 Ways That Clutter Affects Your Mind and Body

Do you struggle with clutter? Millions of Americans do. What you, and they, may not realize is that clutter can affect your mind and body. The following information may be helpful in encouraging you to rid your life of clutter for the last time.

clutter affects mind and body

1. Clutter is stressful. When you walk into your home, does it feel peaceful? Or is there a mountain of unfolded laundry, dirty dishes, and papers everywhere? Are the mornings chaotic because you can’t find car keys or your child can’t find his homework?

2. Clutter drains energy and makes you feel tired. When you look at all the clutter, you probably feel overwhelmed. You know you need to do something, but even looking at the mess makes you just want to walk away.

3. Did you know that clutter could cause physical problems? It can be the breeding ground for germs, dust, mold, and mildew. It could hide a problem with mice or rodents.

4. Clutter can even affect body weight. Often people with clutter are more sedentary, while those with uncluttered homes tend to be more active. Part of this might be that the clutter makes it hard for you to move freely around your house.

Steps to Improve the Situation

  • Disorganization and clutter indicate there is something out of balance. The trick is learning what is off-kilter and how to set it straight.
  • Take time to clear the clutter from one small area. It can help you and your family feel more energetic and more inspired to work on decluttering in other areas.

Don’t be discouraged. Take action. Take one step at a time, and do it consistently. Each clean area will inspire you to go to the next area. Don’t let clutter rule your life. Instead, conquer it with persistence and determination.

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