3 Ways to Make Your Back Yard More Inviting

During the summer months it’s wonderful to be able to hang out in the back yard. Yet many back yards aren’t the comfortable and inviting place that you’d like them to be. Maybe your yard is a little cluttered. Maybe it’s a bit barren. The following tips will help you make your yard a more inviting place to enjoy the out of doors.


1. Safe from the Elements

Depending on where you live, you may not want to sit outside in the direct sun. You may need protection from the wind or you might simply want some privacy. Taking a look at your yard, explore your options. Do you have a grouping of large trees? If so, this may be the ideal place to position your outdoor seating.

An arbor or garden canopy are options too, and they’re usually fairly easy to install. Look for the best place to position your seating, and consider where you can get out of the sun and still enjoy being outside.

2. Walk the Perimeter

Whether you have a large yard or a small one, get a feel for it from all angles. Walk the perimeter of your yard and explore your options. For example, you might notice that one corner of your yard may make an ideal place for a sitting bench or a raised garden bed. Walking the perimeter of your yard can also help you see how traffic generally flows from your house and around the yard.

3. Stimulate Your Senses

When you’re creating a seating area, explore the different senses. For example, you can use bright colors in your all weather outdoor cushions. You can plant fragrant flowers to appeal to your sense of smell. Textures on your furniture give both touch appeal and visual appeal.

Before you start making changes to your back yard, consider grabbing a pencil and paper and drawing it out. You can then make sure your scale is appropriate for your yard size and that you’ve given thought to all the angles, traffic pattern, and elements.

Some people love to bring nature to their yard. Birds, bees, and even small rodents can add interest and can certainly give you something to watch when you’re sitting outside enjoying the weather.

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