15 Old Fashioned Homemaking Tips

Here are 15 old fashioned homemaking tips for managing your home. It was posted previously, but I accidentally deleted it into the draft folder. So here is the post again!

oldfashioned homemaking tips

1. Go to bed early and get up early.

2. Make a “to-do” list each day. Check off each task as you do it.

3. Start and end your day with prayer.

4. Try to get your housework done in the morning, so the rest of the day is yours. (If you don’t work outside the home.)

5. Plan a different type of housework for each day. For example:

Monday – laundry
Tuesday – ironing
Wednesday – baking
Thursday – Dust and sweep
Friday – Clean bathrooms and kitchen
Saturday – Grocery shopping

Adjust this to your own preferences.

6. Take one day a week to plan your meals and grocery list.

7. Keep your household and family members on a schedule. Everyone does better with structure.

8. Have a simple daily home maintenance routine that you do each day. If nothing else gets done for whatever reason, your home is still under some control. For example:

Make beds
Tidy the most lived-in rooms

9. Be self-disciplined and do not procrastinate. Do what you least like to do first.

10. Tackle large projects a little at a time in baby steps. Don’t get overwhelmed.

11. Enjoy homemaking. It is an important job and a blessing. Put as much effort and importance in managing your home as you would an outside job.

12. Be a good steward of your finances. Try to stay out of debt and live within your means. Money problems are very stressful.

13. Let your children work with you as soon as they are old enough. Even as toddlers, they can “help” pick up toys or clothes. As they get older, you can have a lot of quality time with them as you do chores together.

14. Try to keep the family dinner time a priority. Work together preparing and cleaning up afterwards. Make dinner an enjoyable time of fellowship.

15. Read together as a family. Start reading to your children at a very young age. Even when they are old enough to read themselves, it is fun to “share” a book adventure together.

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