Thanksgiving Games for the Whole Family

Stuff Your Turkey Day With Fun Thanksgiving Party Games

By Wendy Legendre

Ah Thanksgiving… the smell of your turkey roasting in the oven will have your guests drooling before they even step in your door, so why not engage them in some fun Thanksgiving party games to keep their stomachs in check till the bird is ready.


When choosing Thanksgiving party games, keep in mind that you’ll want to pick games that everyone can get involved in. After all, Thanksgiving is a family event and no one should be excluded from the fun. Of course, you might want to assign one of your family members to oversee the pre-dinner games, so you can keep one foot in the kitchen and two eyes on the bird.

There are an unlimited number of Thanksgiving party games available online and offline. Here are just a few to get your Thanksgiving party planning off to a great start.

  • Turkey Bingo – This traditional game is easy for any age to play. If you have a lot of younger children attending, you may want to choose a picture style bingo rather than words, letters or numbers. Bonus: If yours is the type of family that fights for the drumsticks, make that the prize for the bingo winner. If not, how about the first serving of dessert?
  • Who’s Thankful for What? – Give each guest a piece of paper and ask them to write down something they are thankful for. Tell them not to show anyone what they have written. Collect the papers and have one person read the notes aloud, while the rest of the family guesses who wrote each thankful note. Play for a prize or bragging rights.
  • Family Trivia – Have someone in the family compile a list of little know facts about family members and conduct a special family trivia competition by making up questions based on that list. If that sounds like too much work, try a traditional Thanksgiving trivia or football trivia. Anyone of them or a mixture is perfect for Thanksgiving Day.
  • Right Left Thanksgiving Game – Have your family sit in a circle and randomly pass out a few prizes. Read a story with several references to right and left in it while family members pass the prizes around the circle. Each time they hear the word right, they need to pass the prize to the right of them, and each time they hear the word left, they must pass it left. When the story is over, those holding the prizes get to keep them. If you’d like to give your family a little scare, send dishwashing opportunity coupons around the circle instead of prizes. Now that’s a fair and exciting way to choose your post dinner clean-up crew.
  • Thanksgiving Pictionary – If you have a chalkboard or whiteboard available that’s big enough for the whole family to see, pictionary always goes over well. Create cards with one Thanksgiving related item per card, and have family members take turns drawing whatever item they pick out of a bowl while the rest of the family guesses what it is they are drawing. Play for fun, one family member at a time, or divide into teams and have a full out competition. If you have a huge family and can’t find enough Thanksgiving related words to go around, opt to add items you can be thankful for.

Now, let’s EAT!!!

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Thanksgiving Games That Will Bring the Whole Family Together

By Mark S Myers

Thanksgiving is a time when families get together, give thanks and create memories. Here are some great Thanksgiving games your family can play that are perfect for all generations. These Thanksgiving games will bring the family together and create great memories for the future.

After the meal is finished and you are digesting all the great dishes that were prepared playing a game or two where all generations of family members can join in together will be lots of fun and make this Thanksgiving the most memorable ever.

Family Mural

After the table has been cleared off pull out a big sheet of paper and spread it out on the table. Lay out lots of different style markers in various colors. Invite the family to draw pictures or write something on what family means to them. It works best if you have them join as partners and collaborate together. No matter how good or bad their artistic skills are encourage everyone to put their own personal stamp on this mural. Take pictures of everyone there and print them out with your printer (regular paper is fine). Then cut out their faces and attach them to the mural. This piece of work will become a great keepsake for years to come.

Family Memory Charades

This is a classic game that is great for bringing a family together and lots of fun. In normal charades one team members act out something like the names of famous people, places or even historical events. Their fellow team members try to guess what they are acting out. In this Family Memory Charades, it is all about family memories.

Ahead of time you need to think about special events, memories, milestones….that have occurred in the lives of family members. Write these down on pieces of paper. Fold these pieces of paper and have them available for the players to choose when it’s time to play the game.

To play: divide everyone into two teams. The first team up selects one person and they have a limited time to act out the memory event that only they have been given to read on a piece of paper. While acting out the event they can’t speak-only act. If the speak they are disqualified and the other team gets a point. While they act out the event they can use signals to let their team members know how they are doing.

Starting off they can show fingers to represent how many words are in the event they will be acting out. They can also touch their nose every time someone guesses a correct word. Finally they can pull their ear lobe which means “sounds like.” If their team correctly guesses the event they within the allotted time (say 3 minutes) they get one point. If the team cannot guess correctly the opposing team gets one guess. If their guess is correct they can win the point. Now it is the opposing team’s turn to act out an event and try to guess it. The game can last as long as you like-just be sure to give everyone a chance to act out an event.

These are two great games that work well every time to bring families together. They are perfect Thanksgiving games that will create memories that will endure for years.

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