Indoor Plants for Every Season

There are many reasons to use plants when decorating. Some of the benefits are the obvious aesthetic appeal, increased oxygen indoors and stress relief. There are plants for every season. Here are a few you can look for and add to your home décor when the season calls for it.


Christmas Cactus

As the name suggests, the Christmas cactus is a beautiful addition to your Christmas festivities. It is a beautiful pink or red color, and will survive from season to season with just a little bit of tender loving care. It is not unusual for one Christmas cactus to survive generations within a family, as it is not difficult to care for.


Poinsettia is a plant that is available in the fall, from Thanksgiving until Christmas. Its beautiful, bright red flowers add a touch of cheer when the weather is cold. Decorate your own home with this seasonal favorite, and take one along for a friend when invited over for the holidays.

Peace Lily

With their simple and classic white flowers, peace lilies are a nice addition to your spring line-up of indoor plants. They tend to be hardy, which comes in handy in case you forget to water it when you are busy with Easter celebrations. When the flower begins to droop, it is letting you know that it needs more water, so take heed.


This beautiful flower is available for Thanksgiving, and adds to the beautiful orange and yellow hues you find naturally at this time of year in all the décor. Put a pot of these in your entryway. Add some to a cluster of pumpkins and other fall decorations, or have a few spilling out of a cornucopia.

Autumn Orchid

Another great fall flower is the Autumn Orchid. This flower comes in a wide variety of colors and arguably makes some of the most beautiful bouquets. Set a tall candle encased in glass in the middle of a large circle of these flowers to impress guests at your autumn dinner parties.

African Violet

When the weather gets chilly and you are having a difficult time with the dreariness of winter, keep an African violet in your home to ward off the feelings of cold. This plant is hardy and blooms throughout winter with proper care.


Begonia flowers are another flower that are perfect for winter since they rely on longer nights and less sunlight to bloom fully. This alone makes them the perfect choice if you live in an area where sunlight is scarce during winter months. Their bright and varying shades will help you to look forward to warmer days ahead.


Although flowers are plentiful during the summer, there is always room for more ideas. Hibiscus is a beautiful plant that comes in several colors and needs plenty of light, warmth, and humidity. For this reason it survives easily in somewhat balmy summer indoor conditions.

No matter what season you are in, there is an indoor flower that is perfect for your needs. Take this list of beautiful flowers with you and find one that suits your needs, as well as the season you happen to be in at the moment. Your home will instantly brighten and you will enjoy seeing how transformational the right flowers can be for you.

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