Heirloom Decorations to Pass Down through the Generations

Part of the charm of the Christmas holiday is the traditions that we participate in and pass down. Part of these traditions are simply the things we do, such as following a particular recipe or listening to a specific story every year. Other traditions go as deep as the decorations that are passed down through the generations.


Whether you have similar items already or are looking to start new traditions, there are many heirloom decorations that you can pass down through the generations.


Antique furniture and decorative items are common items to be passed down from generation to generation. These items might be holiday specific, but it could be something as simple as an end table or framed mirror that you make part of your traditions.


Collectible and heirloom ornaments are popular items around the holidays, and while they are typically fairly pricey, many families collect sets of them over time and pass them down to their children.

Christmas Trees

Some families have traditions where they go out and pick a Christmas tree from a forest or tree farm. Other families use the same artificial tree and make a tradition out of putting it together and setting it up.

Nativity Sets

Nativity sets and other figurines is another traditional decorative item that can be passed down through generations. Many families spend time setting up the scene and telling the nativity story.

Tree Toppers

Tree toppers are a big part of the tree decorating tradition and could even be counted as the most important part. There are antique and expensive tree toppers, but what every family uses is part of their own tradition and can be passed down.

Train Sets

It is a popular tradition to have an electric train set around the tree in many homes. These train sets are often heirlooms and good quality train sets can last forever if properly cared for. They are excellent options for heirloom decorative items.

Traditional Holiday Items

Like the nativity sets, there are many items that are or can be passed down from generation to generation, as every family has their own traditions. This could be a particular Santa figurine or toy, a decorative rocking horse, a Menorah, a traditional toy like a dreidel, or a set of candle sconces.


Quilts are often passed down generation to generation, especially if they are handmade. Quilts can be used on beds, of course, but also on sofas and chairs. Maybe your family likes to cuddle up under a particular quilt on Christmas Eve and listen to The Night Before Christmas before heading off to bed. This is a tradition that could easily turn a quilt into something that can be passed down.

Place Settings

Place settings for holiday dinners are popular heirloom decorative items. Silverware, candelabras, napkin holders, and other parts of a holiday dinner table are also popular items that you can pass down through the generations.

Virtually anything that you make part of your holiday tradition can be passed down to the next generation so they can do the same. These can be items that were passed down to you, or they can be items that you assign a special meaning for.

Santa and Children Graphic courtesy of Tuckdb

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