Old Fashioned Christmas Game for Kids – A Hoop Race

Here is an old fashioned Christmas game for kids, called A Hoop Race. It is adapted from an antique 1922 Dennison’s Christmas book. The only materials you need to play are a roll of red and a roll of green crepe paper, and 2 inexpensive hula hoops. Of course, when this game was created, there were no hula hoops. The instructions just called for hoops.

vintage Christmas game for kids

1. Choose sides, calling one group “The Holly Reds,” and the other “The Ever Greens.”

2. Form two lines. Give to the leader of each line a hoop, one wound with red crepe paper, the other with green.

3. Ask each leader to hold the hoop over his head. At the word “Go,” each must drop the hoop over his shoulders, down his body, to the floor, and step out of it.

4. The next person in line must pick it up, drop it over his shoulders down to the floor, and so on.

5. The line finishing first, of course, wins the game.

Note: Make sure you play this game where there is plenty of room.

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