Bracing for Disasters – Don’t Be Left in the Dark

(NAPSI)—Year after year, millions of Americans face danger from major storms, natural disasters and threatening power outages. The increasingly unpredictable nature of weather patterns, along with threats to our infrastructure provide a warning that major headaches can occur if homeowners postpone taking the steps necessary for proper preparedness.

“Proper preparedness is the best way to avoid potential harm to your home and your family,” said home improvement expert and Generac partner Danny Lipford, “Since September is National Preparedness Month, it’s an especially good time to create a disaster preparedness kit. I like to store mine in a laundry basket, so all of my items are organized in one place.”

A disaster preparedness kit should contain the following items:

• Fresh water and nonperishable food items—enough to last for about three days.

• NOAA weather radio to stay on top of the storm, as well as any announcements from local authorities.

• Flashlights and fresh batteries.

• First-aid kit and any medications that you may need to last you for several days.

• Emergency contact numbers such as police, fire, friends or family, so you can reach out to them in an emergency and let them know you are all right.

• Any important documentation and identification that you don’t want lost.

• Cash in case banks are not open or are not accessible.

It’s also important for homeowners to purchase a source of backup power, which can save Americans from scary situations that result from power loss. Being properly prepared for weather disasters and power outages can also save money. An outage can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in lost food, travel expenses and even property damage—all of which can be avoided by investing now in preparedness items. Generac Power Systems offers a broad range of backup power solutions, from portable generators to automatic home backup power systems to commercial and industrial generators that, in the long term, could save millions and provide peace of mind.

“Preparing for emergency situations only works if done in advance,” Lipford said. “Take time this month to really think about the potential dangers your family could face and get a kit and action plan prepared. Purchasing a source of backup power now, before disaster strikes, means your home and family will be protected during severe storms and extended power outages. National Preparedness Month reminds us the time to prepare is now, not during or after the threat when it’s too late.”

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