An Organized Home Can Mean a Happier Family

Experts agree that clutter is costly. It’s costly not only in the amount of time it takes us to find the things we need, but also in hurt feelings among family members who don’t like clutter. They may want to entertain but feel they can’t because your house is too cluttered. When you remove the clutter you’ll have an organized home and a happy family, and you’ll enjoy your home much more.


If you’ve had clutter in your home for very long you may have become “clutter blind”. You may not even realize how bad it is but your family members may become irritated and resentful because the clutter is keeping them from inviting guests over or being able to find what they need.

Clutter does more than just wear on your family’s emotions. It may become a way to avoid dealing with what is going in your life – a way to insulate you from something that has hurt you. Some people hold on to clutter because they’ve had tragedies in the past and are afraid to let go. Let go, however, is necessary if you want to reclaim your home, your family, and your life.

Many people with seriously cluttered homes may want to clear the clutter from their homes. However, they are overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” and don’t know where to start. Starting to de-clutter is often the hardest thing. After getting started, they then have to face the task of letting go.

Families that have a lot of clutter to live with may experience any of the following:

* Frustration and anger over the amount of clutter
* Family battles over getting rid of things
* Shame or guilt to the point they won’t let anyone come into their home
* Depression and feeling stuck in a situation of their own making
* Feelings of being overwhelmed by the clutter and life

After the clutter is cleared away you may find that you feel relief, appreciation for the items you’ve kept, appreciation for your family and home, clear headed, able to make decisions, more focused, and productive.

There will also be less tension and fighting among your family members. Everyone will be able to relax more than when the clutter took over the home. You’ll also be amazed that you’ll actually have more time for your family because you won’t be wasting so much time looking for things. What’s more, you and your family will be able to actually invite friends over without fear of embarrassment or being ashamed because of amount of clutter in your home.

Clutter makes your home unorganized. When you are able to let go of the clutter and organize your home you’ll be amazed at the transformation that takes place. You’ll have an organized home and a happy family, and you’ll feel much better about yourself.

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