Raggedy Quilt – Step by Step Easy to Sew Directions

Raggedy Quilt – Step by Step Easy to Sew Directions

By Judi Harris

Making Raggedy quilts are easy. If you can sew a straight line, then you are ready to start making your first rag quilt. Be careful, once you have made one, you will want to make many more. Remember raggedy quilts can be made in any color scheme like: pastels for a baby, dark homespun fabrics for the primitive look, shabby chic cottage style prints, gone country prints, fall colors for Thanksgiving, and just about anything you can imagine!


Raggedy Quilts are fast, fun, and easy to make. Simply said, you cut, you sew, and you cut again. Here are directions on making a small lap raggedy quilt 49″ X 42″. Pick your color selection for your raggedy quilt. Cotton, flannel, chenille, and homespun are the best fabrics to make a rag quilt. For the best “country” or “primitive” looking raggedy quilt pick 8-9 different fabric prints.

1.  Cutting your Squares:

Cut (42) 9″ squares of the fabric doubled. That would be 84 single squares but we need them cut into doubles. Each double will represent one square.

Cut (42) 7″ squares of your favorite quilt batting.

2.  Quilting your Squares:

Take your 9″ squares and put one layer of batting between 2 layers of matching fabric squares. Put the pretty sides of the fabric on both outsides. Pin the three layers of squares.

Sew from one corner to the opposite corner on the square to make a “/” across your square.

Then sew from the other corner to corner making an ” X ” on your square. Do this to ALL of your squares.

You should have 42 – 3 layered squares with an “X” in the middle.

3.  Sewing your Squares Together:

Start by pinning 2 squares together and sew down one side. A one inch seam allowance gives a nice raggedy look. The larger your seam allowance is, the more your quilt will “rag.” Your seam allowance can be anywhere from 1/2″ to 1 1/2 “. Whatever seam allowance you decide on, you must stay with that size for the rest of your quilt. The actual size of your quilt will be determined by the seam allowance you choose.

Continue to add a square to your set of squares until you have a row of 7 squares across. Make sure that every time you sew a new square onto the row that you have them Pretty Sides Together.

Continue until you have 6 rows of 7 squares sewn together.

Now you are ready to put the rows together. Start off by pinning two rows of seven squares with pretty sides together. Make sure you match the seams of each square. Sew down the long seam.

Continue to sew the long rows together until you have completed your quilt.

Sew a seam allowance all the way around the outside edge of your quilt. This is so it won’t fray past the seam that you sewed.

4.  Clipping your Quilt Seams:

Clip EVERY SEAM ON YOUR QUILT. The smaller the clipping, the more your quilt will be ragged. Clip about every 1/4″. Be careful not to clip into your stitching line.

5.  Washing/Drying your Quilt:

Wash your quilt in COLD/COLD water.

Dry your quilt on tumble low.

Notice how awesome your rag quilt looks!

If it’s not raggedy enough, you can make smaller slits and/or wash and dry it again.

Don’t forget, cutting the slits small will “rag” the quilt better.

Best Stitches!

Judi Harris

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You can find raggedy quilt directions, more information on sewing and quilting, and free raggedy quilt patterns on http://www.lovetosew.com

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