Fall Scrapbook Ideas

Many scrapbookers like to create their books by the season. Fall is ideal for this because of the rich variety of colors that you can use in your layout. Also, embellishments such as leaves, scarecrows, pumpkins, apples, berries, and so on can allow you to be creative. Remember it is not a good idea to use real leaves, because they won’t stand the test of time.

Colors of Fall

Some of the best fall colors to use are orange, yellow or gold, brown, and rust. These colors can stretch through Halloween and Thanksgiving. You may want to go with the darker hues for the backgrounds so they don’t over power your photos. But the lighter shades can be decorations and embellishments.


The pictures are, of course, the most important element of the page. Try to take pictures outside as much as possible. I remember when my son was about three years old. We had raked leaves and he was playing in the pile of them. My husband caught a photo of him laughing and throwing the leaves in the air. It was darling and a perfect way to capture the moment.

Titles and Journaling

You might want to use some cute, catchy titles, such as “The Apple of My Eye,” or other harvest theme sayings.

Make sure to leave room for some journaling. Years down the road, people will want to know the details. Include answers to the questions, who, what, when, where, and so on. Even a small paragraph is enough.

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