Fun For the Whole Sandwich Generation Family – Easy Easter Crafts For Children and Seniors

By Kaye Swain

I am always on the lookout for fun and easy holiday crafts for my grandkids. As a sandwich generation senior home care giver and “Granny Nanny,” I’ve started noticing how many of my grandkid crafts would also make fun and easy crafts for seniors like my mom. For instance, with Easter right around the corner, we are busy learning about Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection, and making plenty of cute projects to make the lessons fun and interesting. As a Christian, this is a top priority for me, and lots of fun as well!

I always have plenty of craft supplies on hand for all our projects, such as:

  • Various types of paper, including colored cardstock
  • Foam Stickers – fun, tactile-y interesting, easy, and no-mess
  • Washable colored markers (Crayola is my favorite!)
  • My favorite resource for all the interesting and cute pictures I need through the year – right now that includes spring flowers clipart, Bible and Easter clipart, and always plenty of cute teddy bear clipart.
  • Short and snappy encouraging Bible verses, Scrapbook sayings, and other ideas to help their creative juices get flowing.
  • Glue, glue sticks, and scotch tape
  • Stapler and staples

My grandkids have popped in a few times over the past couple of weeks and we’ve enjoyed making handmade greetings cards for Easter. Since I never know when they’re coming and Easter is so close, I’ve left all our supplies out in a plastic tote on the dining room table. That way, I’m ready to go whenever they stop by.

I’ve been thrilled to see my senior mom dipping into the tote to get some cardstock and foam stickers to decorate the cute cards and pictures she enjoys giving to these great-grandkids, as well as mailing to her other great-grandkids.

For a sandwich generation senior home care giver and grandma, it’s always an encouragement when my worlds mesh so nicely together. And it’s great to know that I can still have fun working on these easy crafts for grandkids and seniors when I become a senior!

For more fun ideas for easy Easter crafts for children and seniors along with great resource options for Bible clipart, Scrapbook sayings, and so much more, be sure to pop over to

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