Colorful and Creative Outdoor Activities for Summer Fun with Kid

(BPT) – Now that warmer weather has arrived, take craft time outdoors. Instead of sitting inside at the kitchen table with paper, crayons, glue bottles or water color paints, bring the color and creativity outside for some DIY fun.

The entire family can get involved in projects that decorate the yard or inspire colorful game time. Invite the neighborhood kids over to join in the fun with these crafty outdoor projects:


Decorate the Yard with Colorful Creations

Turn ordinary flower pots and other household items into vibrant, colorful creations with the Crayola Rainbow Paint Pour. To get the desired effect, pour the paint in rainbow order, one color on top of the other and watch it run down the sides into a unique pattern. Crayola Washable paint cleans up easily, and kids will love bringing rainbows of color to the yard.

Design Colorful Outdoor Play Clothes

Having fun outside is even more exciting in colorful play clothes. Set aside an afternoon to tie-dye T-shirts on the driveway. This fun craft is perfect to create for neighborhood teams and games, such as Capture the Flag. Once the dyeing is complete, let the T-shirts dry in the afternoon sun. Decorate the shirts with fabric pens for an extra personal touch. Kids will love being creative with their art, and everyone will cheer as the finished designs are revealed – each one similar, but also unique.

Set Up an Outdoor Art Zone

On warm summer days, kids can create their own drippy meltdown masterpieces and cool crayon creations with Crayola’s Meltdown Craft. To begin, kids choose their crayons and line them up as they like at the top of a canvas, poster board or even wood. Once the crayons are secured, using a hairdryer on low heat will start melting the crayons in a beautiful pattern. Kids can also use water colors to create a unique background behind the crayon meltdown. Once the art is dry, hang it in a place where everyone can enjoy.

Add Decorations to the Windows

Window and glass markers are a great way for kids to unleash their creativity using household windows and mirrors as a canvas. Prepare for summer holidays and get-togethers by encouraging kids to draw colorful designs that celebrate the occasion. For example, a custom firework show on the front windows is a great way to welcome guests and delight neighbors on the 4th of July. And the best part is the markers easily wipe clean, inspiring kids to create again and again.

With these fun outdoor creative play activities, everyone in your family will enjoy spending time in the backyard and bringing color to the area.

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