3 Easy Preschool Christian Easter Crafts

By Nicola Fourie

These preschool christian Easter crafts make the story of the resurrection of Jesus come to life. Celebrate Easter with crafts like Jesus is risen cup, the tomb craft as well as a scratch cross.

Preschool Christian Easter Crafts 1 – Jesus Is Risen Cup


Plastic cup




Paint brushes

Small tongue depresses





Prepare the surface area, by placing newspaper down on the tables. Using a clean dry plastic cup, let the children decorate the cup using paint. Painting on different patterns etc. While the paint is drying, paint the two small tongue depressors with red paint. Allow to dry and glue together to form a cross.

Once the cup is completely dry, using the ribbon, tie around the cup and end with a bow. This is where it get a little dirty, place the soil into the cups about three quarters of the way up. Each child now plants their seed into the soil.

Explain to the children the symbolism of this preschool christian Easter crafts:

The bow of the ribbon, reminds us of Jesus “free” gift of salvation. The red cross symbolizes the blood that was shed for our sins, so that we are completely washed clean and are forgiven. The seed that is put under the ground, symbolizes that Jesus died and was buried, but as they see the plant grow and come out of the ground, they will be reminded of the new life that they have received. this is a wonderful visual preschool christian Easter crafts that the little ones seem to understand.

Preschool Christian Easter Crafts 2 – Scratch Cross


Wax crayons

Poster card


Pair of scissors


Hole Punch


Draw a cross on poster card. Have the children cut out the cross. Let them color the cross in (using wax crayons) different patterns, using different colors, the more color the better. Now they need to color over the patterns with black wax crayon, the entire cross needs to be black, so that you cannot see the color underneath.

Take a pencil and start scratching the name Jesus onto the cross. This can be done across the width of the cross. Allow the children to scratch with the pencil and make other patterns and shapes around the name Jesus. Punch a hole at the top of the cross and place a ribbon through it, so that they can hang this preschool christian Easter crafts up at home.

Preschool Christian Easter Crafts 3 – The Tomb Craft


One Paper plate per child

Paint brush

Brown and Black Paint


Brown paper bag

Pair of scissors


Greeting cards with angles on them / template of an angle


Prepare the area for this preschool christian Easter crafts, by covering the tables in newspaper. Cut the paper plate in half, right down the middle. Paint the one half of the paper plate brown and the other black. Cut a rounded doorway in the middle of the front paper plate (brown one) using a pair or of scissors.

Cut out an angle from a greeting card or a template. Stick the angle onto the bottom middle of the black paper plate. i.e. you should be able to see the angle through the doorway that was cut out from the other paper plate. Now carefully stick the two halves together, with the brown side in the front and the black side at the back. So that the angle is seen through the doorway. It should stand on the flat middle part of the plate, with the curved side on top.

Take the brown paper bag and scrunch it up tightly into a ball. Use tape to keep the ball in place. This will act as the stone. Place the “stone” before the doorway and have the children roll it away from the door of the cave.

Explain that Jesus body was no longer dead, He has risen and the angel of the Lord is there to tell all the people that Jesus is alive. Also remember to explain to the little ones that the Easter egg is a representation of the stone that was rolled away. Enjoy these preschool christian Easter crafts.

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