Lessons for Sunday School – Armor of God

By Mary Kate Warner

This is a great lesson for Sunday School for young kids because it not only teaches an important message, but it also incorporates a fun craft and a new song with actions for the children to learn! Using Ephesians 6:11, the Armor of God lesson will have the kids leaving the classroom excited about the power of God’s love.

Bible Lesson

Start out the class by reading Ephesians 6:11, “Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” If the children are old enough, you should have them practice looking the verse up in the bible and reading it themselves.

Continue to read Ephesians 6:10-11. Begin discussion by talking about real armor. Ask the students how armor works and what it was used for. Then, discuss what the bible means by “armor of God.” Ask the following questions:

  • What is spiritual armor, and why do we need it?
  • What are we fighting against when we wear the armor of God?
  • Should we be afraid when we go into this battle?
  • How does God help us in our spiritual battle?
  • How should we use our spiritual armor in our everyday lives – at home, at church, and at school?

Teachers should emphasize that God is always there to help us. He guides us in our everyday battles, and He gives us the tools we need to fight the badness around us.

Craft Activity

Next, have the students use construction paper, crayons, markers, glue, glitter, yarn, and stickers to decorate their armor of God. Older children can create helmets, shields, belts, and swords on their own, but for younger kids, the teacher should probably cut out the materials before hand and just have the kids color them.

Once the materials are ready, remind the students what each part of the armor stands for as they put them on:

  • The belt of truth not only holds our weapons, but keeps us tied to what is true: Jesus.
  • The shield of faith protects us from our enemy’s arrows, just as our faith protects us from evil temptations.
  • The helmet of salvation saves our heads from damage and saves us from eternal suffering.
  • The sword of truth is a powerful weapon that represents God’s word.

Music Time

Conclude Sunday School by singing “I’m in the Lord’s Army.” Teach the children these actions to go with the verses:

  • “I may never march in the infantry:” March in place.
  • “Ride in the cavalry:” Pretend to ride their horses.
  • “Shoot in the artillery:” Use their hands to pretend to fire guns.
  • “I may never fly over the enemy:” Extend their arms and pretend to fly like a plane.
  • “But I’m in the Lord’s army:” Point toward themselves with their thumbs.

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Mary-Kate Warner is a Sunday School teaching consultant and the publisher of ChristianityCove.com. In the past 5 years alone, she’s helped over 2,823 teachers streamline their lesson planning and introduce fun, exciting Sunday School Crafts into their curriculum.

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