Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand – How Does This Miracle Speak to Us Today?

John 6:6-14

Often we know Bible stories so well that we fail to realize the full impact of them.  This is what often happens to me.  As I was thinking about this passage, the Lord revealed some powerful  lessons.  I wrote these observations down in a list form for emphasis.

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Jesus feeds the five thousand

The Boy

1. The boy was nameless, not famous. We still don’t even know his name. But he was used in a mighty way by giving what he had to Jesus.

2. The boy didn’t question or argue. He didn’t voice any doubts, or ask what could be done with just that little bit of food.

3. He gave willingly.

4. He gave what he had – all that he had. He didn’t insist on holding any back for himself. It was his only lunch for the day. He had nothing else. He had to take a chance when he gave it all to Jesus.

5. If the boy hadn’t have given the food to Jesus, it wouldn’t have been blessed and multiplied. It would have stayed a small lunch. Maybe the boy would still have been hungry after eating it. Certainly no one else would have benefited from the food, nor would they have witnessed this awesome miracle.

6. What the boy gave was plain and ordinary. It was not gourmet food.


1. Jesus blessed the food. Can you imagine what it tasted like? Food blessed by Jesus Himself and sent from God. I can only wonder how delicious it was!

2. Jesus multiplied it. He took what little the boy had and turned it into abundance. The people were satisfied and there was plenty left over.

3. Jesus blessed thousands with the tiny amount that was given to Him.

4. Jesus made it eternal. We’re still reading about the miracle today, over 2000 years later. Thousands heard and believed the Word that day. Anything we give to Jesus becomes eternal.

5. Jesus was not stingy with the blessing. He didn’t eek out tiny bits to people. He gave abundantly – so much that they had their fill and twelve baskets were left over!

6. Jesus wanted to fill the people with enough to eat so He could fill them with His Word. He wanted them to be in the physical condition to listen to what He said, not be hungry and distracted.

Let’s think carefully about these points. What other precepts do you observe when you read this account?  How can they apply to our lives today? What does this passage tell us about Jesus? What can Jesus do with our lives?

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