Christianity Begins in the Home

By E. E. Comstock
The Beautiful Tree of Life
Copyright 1897

Christianity begins in the home. If not there, it is nowhere. We may attend meetings, and sing hymns, and join devoutly in prayer; we may give money to the poor, and send missionaries and Bibles to other countries; we may organize societies of every description for doing good; we may plan church fairs, parties, dinners, and picnics.  We may, in short, devote all our time and all our means to doing good, and yet not be the true and earnest Christians we ought to be after all.


If they cannot say of us in the family at home, “He, or she, is a Christian. We know it. We feel it.” If home is not a better and happier place because we live in it, if there is not an influence going out from us, day by day, silently drawing those around us in the right direction, then it is time for us to stop where we are, and begin to examine our title to the name of Christian.

Christianity – Christ-likeness. Is that ours? Are we possessed of that? Are we patient, kind, longsuffering, forbearing, seeking with all our hearts to do good? Dreading with all our hearts evil?

For if we are Christ’s, we shall be like him. And the first fruits and the best fruits of our daily living will be in the better and happier lives of those who are around us day by day.

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