Christ the Shepherd – Free Printable Bible Study

This is a Bible Study on the different aspects of Christ as our Shepherd. It is the form of an outline and notes. You can adapt these notes to fit your personal Bible study needs or for your group. They are just a starting point.

Christ the Shepherd

I found this in a very old book called, “Suggestive Outline Bible Studies,” and the copyright is 1883! Don’t let the age fool you. It is an excellent study for us today. I love these old books. They are a treasure trove of information.

You are free to use this however you wish, except to sell it. It can be for personal or group Bible study. You can even share it online, as long as you keep the credits intact at the bottom of the pages.

You can click on the image above and below to enlarge and print, or if you would rather have a pdf, click here.

Christ the Shepherd

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