Brain Dumps are Good, but Give Them to Jesus

The concept of a brain dump is very popular right now. Everyone seems to be making “bullet journals” to write theirs down. What is a brain dump, and why do so many people feel the need to practice this?

brain dumps

What is a Brain Dump?

Basically, a brain dump is when you write down all the things you have to do, or the many ideas that pop into your mind, or the things that trouble or burden you. Personally, I like the idea. I have always made lists for everything, even before this term became trendy. A list always kept me more focused and helped me to remember things. If I was troubled about certain issues, writing them down cleared my mind and made the problems more concrete. They were easier to deal with when I could see them in black and white on paper. They weren’t flying around my head like bees buzzing and stealing my mental peace.

Why is This Practice so Popular?

So, why do so many people now feel the need to practice this activity? I believe it is because we live in an overwhelmed world. We are bombarded with information, visual and auditory stimulation, things to do, and things to worry about. It seems that our head is going to explode if we don’t unload it.

How and Why Should We Give it to Jesus?

But consider this different take on a brain dump. How about writing down what you normally would, but then deliberately giving these items to Jesus? He invites us to “cast all our care on him, because he cares for us.”   (1 Peter 5:7)  What if we pray over this list, whether it’s a to-do list or a list of worries and fears? Take each concern and sincerely discuss it with the Lord. Ask him to take whatever you have written down upon himself, and in turn, give you his peace and assurance.

As we do this in faith, we are inviting the power of God into the various situations. We are no longer struggling on our own. The Creator of the universe now has your list in his hands. Give these worries and tasks to Jesus, who cares, and has the willingness and ability to do something about them.

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