Learning to Rest in the Lord

By E. E. Comstock
The Beautiful Tree of Life

Do you recollect the delicious sense of rest with which you have sometimes gone to bed at night, after a day of great exertion and weariness? How delightful was the sensation of relaxing every muscle, and letting your body go in a perfect abandonment of ease and comfort. The strain of the day had ceased for a few hours at least, and the work of the day had been laid off. You no longer had to hold up an aching head or a weary back. You trusted yourself to the bed in an absolute confidence, and it held you up, without effort, or strain, or even thought, on your part. You rested!

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The Best Plants to Use on Your Patio

If you’ve ever wanted your own garden but you don’t seem to have the space, a container garden on your patio may be the way to go. As long as you have access to the sun, plants can grow in pots. Here is a list of plants that can grow in containers and are perfect for you patio.

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5 Things to Do If You’re Drowning in Debt

When your finances seem to be headed down a wrong path and your debt is getting out of control, be wise and take stock of the direction you are going in. There are steps you can take to prevent you from getting into further debt, and to help you eliminate some of what you are currently dealing with. Use these tips to help you begin moving in the right direction financially.

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A Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s that time of year again! …or maybe it’s your first time with spring cleaning, or your first spring in a new home or apartment.

Regardless of your situation, a spring-cleaning checklist can really help. There are some things, after all, that are easy to overlook even for the experienced spring cleaner. And things change; maybe you have some different items or furniture you didn’t have last year. So here is a checklist of some spring-cleaning tasks you may not have thought of so that you can organize your cleaning efforts.

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Set Aside Dedicated Areas for Various Aspects of Your Time

One way to help yourself manage your time better is to keep things separate. If you have a specific area to accomplish a goal, you’ll be able to get your mind dedicated faster to that one task. It might seem like a pipe dream, but if you really want to be creative, find a space that makes you feel creative and go to it each time you need that extra creative spark. In that way, you become more in charge of how your time is spent.

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How Clutter Affects Your Brain

Clutter can be frustrating. You can work all day long and feel like you accomplished very little. Aside from simply being aggravating, it turns out that the stress which clutter promotes can lead to a host of physical and mental health issues. It all has to do with how your brain reacts to the clutter around you.

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Spring Desserts Made with Pie Filling

(Family Features) Between blossoming flowers and warmer temperatures, there are plenty of reasons to spend more time outside. Brighten up your spring family gatherings with the sweet flavors of the season. You can prepare a delicious brunch for your family or bring a fun dessert to your next gathering without having to take away any of your time enjoying the outdoors.

Spring is also the perfect time to introduce new twists on classic desserts that will impress your loved ones. Dessert combinations, like a classic cheesecake laced with sweet cherries on a buttery chocolate chip cookie crust or a brunch-perfect cinnamon French toast with your favorite features of an apple fritter, are sure to be the talk of your family’s table.

8 Easy Paper Flower Crafts to Brighten Your Home

Paper flowers are one of those crafts that give beautiful results for a small amount of time and effort. They are inexpensive and fun to make, especially if you are a crafty person. The sky is the limit when it come to creativity. You can choose from an endless variety of styles, colors, and papers. These flowers can be made for pretty much any season or occasion, and can even be a fun activity for the family to work on together.

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3 Homemade Coffee Recipes – Spicy Latte, Cafe au Lait, and Cappuccino

(Family Features) Americans love their coffee. Millions of people drink at least one cup of coffee per day and many get their caffeine fix with a specialty coffee drink.

Dairy milk is a great complement for any cup of coffee; it’s both a tasty addition and a way to add essential nutrients to your mug. Every type of dairy milk, whether lowfat, fat free or organic, contains nine essential nutrients, including high-quality protein. In fact, milk is the top food source for three of the four nutrients of concern, or the nutrients Americans, including children, are most lacking: calcium, potassium and vitamin D.

If you enjoy a morning cup of coffee, here are a few ways to create gourmet coffee drinks at home.

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