Tips to Generate a Second Income

Don’t take a stab in the dark. Your current skills, experience and know-how can make a great springboard for a successful second career.

(StatePoint) In today’s economy, a full-time job is no guarantee that a second income won’t be necessary to live a comfortable lifestyle or save for the future.

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Hydrate Your Way to More Energy

(Family Features) Americans thirsting for more energy can refresh their hydration habits by thinking outside the water glass. Some foods – including flavorful, water-rich produce like watermelon – can help hydrate the body as well.

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Tips for a Clean, Guest-Ready Home

(Family Features) Now is the season for enjoying backyard BBQs and poolside parties with friends and family – not being trapped in the house for pre- and post-party cleaning. With a little planning, you can minimize time spent on daily chores and maximize time spent soaking up the sun and creating memories with guests.

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Fashionable Fall Crafts

(Family Features) Each new season brings fresh trends in fashion and style. As you’re exploring new arts and crafts ideas this year, fall in love with new looks that celebrate luxurious coziness you can wear, and embrace the outdoors with nature-inspired gifts with a masculine flair with these project ideas from the crafting experts at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.

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Must-Have Technology for Healthy, Safe, and Enjoyable Bathrooms

Must-have technology is making bathrooms healthier, safer, more enjoyable

(BPT) – Think home technology begins with your wireless, programmable thermostat and ends with the high-definition, 3-D, web-enabled flat-screen TV with surround sound? Think again – whole home technology means using leading-edge devices to improve life in every room of the house, including the bathroom.

From toilets that flush without being touched to waterproof TVs for the shower, the latest bathroom technology can make the room safer, cleaner, healthier and more enjoyable for everyone. Here is a handful of high-tech home improvements for one of the most-used rooms in any house:

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Nostalgic Desserts to Celebrate the Season

(Family Features) Fondly reliving the nostalgic memories of years gone by is an integral aspect of many family gatherings and celebrations. This year, relive history in the sweetest way with a dessert table that pays homage to traditions while also helping your family create delicious new memories to cherish.

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Discover a New Twist on Classic Campfire S’mores

(Family Features) Roasting marshmallows around the campfire with friends and family is a popular pastime. Luckily, the classic combination of chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker can be enjoyed in so many ways – whether you’re fireside or stuck inside!

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Christ the Shepherd – Free Printable Bible Study

This is a Bible Study on the different aspects of Christ as our Shepherd. It is the form of an outline and notes. You can adapt these notes to fit your personal Bible study needs or for your group. They are just a starting point.

Christ the Shepherd

I found this in a very old book called, “Suggestive Outline Bible Studies,” and the copyright is 1883! Don’t let the age fool you. It is an excellent study for us today. I love these old books. They are a treasure trove of information.

You are free to use this however you wish, except to sell it. It can be for personal or group Bible study. You can even share it online, as long as you keep the credits intact at the bottom of the pages.

You can click on the image above and below to enlarge and print, or if you would rather have a pdf, click here.

Christ the Shepherd

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Quick Gluten-Free Cake For Chocolate Lovers

(NAPSI)—Here’s a different but delicious dessert that’s fast and fun to make and excellent for entertaining, festive enough for the holidays and great whenever you or your family wants a little taste of chocolate cake. It’s even gluten-free.

This easy-to-make recipe was created by Carol Kicinski, a professional recipe developer, editor in chief of Simply Gluten Free Magazine and TV chef.

Your own private chocolate cake in a cup is fast and easy to make and looks elegant enough for company when topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.

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Spices and Herbs Bring Out the Best of Summer Vegetables

(Family Features) We all want to eat more vegetables – and in the summer, when farmers markets and grocery stores are filled with fresh, colorful produce, it’s easier than ever. From juicy red tomatoes and yellow sweet corn to vibrant green broccoli, seasonal produce can be even more enjoyable with the addition of spices and herbs.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy and Your House Clean This School Year

(BPT) – While you and your family have enjoyed relaxing vacations and amazing weather these last few months, it’s time to prepare for the hustle and bustle of another school year.

A new school year also means your family’s mornings will return to that more familiar, hectic pace. Keeping your kids healthy allows them take full advantage of the opportunities they will encounter, such as the first day of school, the first slumber party – even the first soccer tournament or piano recital.

So how do you ward off illness? You can’t control what your child is exposed to at school or away from home, but you can control your home’s cleanliness. Keep your house clean and improve your children’s chances of staying healthy with these easy tips.

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Season-Extending Gardening Tips for Fall

(BPT) – Warm weather, continued care and robust plants have yielded a bounty of beautiful, fresh vegetables – and personal satisfaction – from your garden this season. As the weather cools and fall approaches, it is not time to hang up your hat, gloves and trowel for the year. Autumn provides optimum weather and ample opportunity to keep growing and harvesting delicious, healthy produce well into the season.

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The Tween Years: How to Survive as a Parent

(BPT) – There’s the summer vacation you dream of: happy children playing games, parents relaxing, cheerful grandparents, smooth roads, short lines and easy-to-schedule outdoor sports and activities for the kids. And then there’s the reality, which more closely resembles “National Lampoon’s Vacation.”

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A Well-Stocked Pantry

(Family Features) When it comes to mealtime, a well-stocked pantry can be the difference between culinary success and a dinner dud. Too often we contemplate what to make for dinner, only to realize that we don’t have the right ingredients on hand or the food in the fridge has spoiled. But with a pantry full of canned foods, a delicious and easy, homemade meal is just minutes away.

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Ten Tips to Save Money Inside Your Home

(StatePoint) Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, savvy approaches to running your home can save you money according to house smart experts.

These simple tips from, a leading online real estate destination, and sister site,, won’t take much time or effort to execute.

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