Lentil Chili Recipe

Lentil Chili | Little Broken

By Katya “Meatless?” That was hubbys reaction when I said we’re having vegetarian chili but after few bites I won him over. I had my doubts a little too when I first made this chili as I’m always a little skeptical of dishes that are changed to an extreme to make them “healthier.”


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Harvest Your Own Home Decor

(Family Features) Warm up your home with this season’s trendiest looks. Put your personal touch on your home’s decor with crafting projects that highlight the best of fall: copper detail, animal icons and pumpkins of every color, including white.

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Bring Autumn Colors to Spiced Sweets

(Family Features) Cooler temperatures, beautiful changing leaves and the familiar scent of pumpkin pie spice are all signs of fall. Whether you’re hosting a pumpkin carving party or decorating sweet treats with family, celebrate the season with maple-flavored leaf-shaped cookies, pumpkin patch cupcakes and hot apple cider.

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7 Potentially Dangerous Things You Should Never Do Online

You do everything you can in your life to avoid danger. You always wear a seatbelt when in the car, you apply sunblock every time you go outside, and you always make sure you’re wearing the proper protection when riding a bike. But what do you do when you go online? There, it’s much harder to protect yourself from the dangers of the world. Hackers are everywhere, hunting for your information and hunting to expose who you are. Below is a list of things people do on the internet that has proven to be very dangerous for people’s privacy. If you realize you are guilty of doing these things too, please be aware of the dangers involved.

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Antique Free Printables

Here are a couple of free printables.  All the graphics are from Tuckdb, and the little girl is by artist Frances Brundage.  The card fronts are 4″ by 6″ and there are two circles measuring about 3″.    These are for personal use only, please, for your scrapbooking or paper crafts.

vintage apple blossom girl tuckdb frances brundage vintage forget me nots tuckdb


12 Old Fashioned Apple Recipes

I had several posts with apple recipes.  I decided to organize them into one long post.  I have not tried these.  They come from a variety of sources, some from very old cookbooks.  There are still more apple recipes on the site, but at least here are 12 of them in one place!

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12 Tips for Buying Food on a Budget

Do you cringe every time you get to the checkout in the grocery store?  I sure do!  Is money a little tight right now? Are you trying to stretch those dollars? In today’s society it’s very common to have difficulty making enough money for the things you need most. But, using a few simple tricks, you can save money on the things you need to buy, like food, and learn some important things along the way.

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5 Tricks for a Chore-Free Weekend

(Family Features) When thinking about errands, check-lists and even downtime, every busy person wishes there were more hours in the day. When tight on time, chores have a way of piling up and spilling into free time. With the right routine, however, day-to-day tasks can be tackled throughout the week, paving the way to a chore-free weekend, which means more time for the fun stuff.

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3 Ways Houseplants Could Cut Energy Costs

When you are being wise about your energy consumption, you will naturally look for little things you can do to minimize your use of it. Houseplants are beautiful to look at, but did you know they can also help you cut down on your energy bill? Here are a few thoughts on houseplants and the role they play in regards to saving energy.

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7 Ways to Save Energy in the Kitchen

Your kitchen can be one of the biggest energy wasters in your entire household. With all the large and small appliances, and all the activity that goes on there, there is always something waiting to drain energy. There are many simple tricks to saving energy in your kitchen, however. Follow some of these tips to see a dip in next month’s electricity bill.

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