2 Handmade Holiday Home Decor Crafts

(Family Features) A holiday-ready home is filled with small touches that celebrate the season. Welcome guests with these easy DIY projects that lend an extra special feel to your home.

Extend a warm greeting with a faux fur wreath that dresses up the front door, such as this design from the crafting experts at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. Then, put some empty Mason jars to use with a display perfect for an entryway table or ledge. Make it even prettier by nestling the jars among some evergreen branches and finish them off with a pretty bow or twine.

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Baby Safety Month: Home Safety Tips for the Laundry Room

(NAPSI)—The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) is joining the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) in their observance of Baby Safety Month. This month-long observance is geared toward increasing awareness of safety issues that may affect your littlest loved ones. It’s crucial to keep every room in your home safe around young children including places that often go overlooked, such as the laundry room. Babies are curious, and even at a very young age, they tend to get into things that they shouldn’t. In honor of Baby Safety Month, we’re sharing three easy steps that can help keep your youngsters safe from the potential dangers hidden in the laundry room.

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Fall Entertaining Trends are Cozy and Comfortable

(BPT) – As the glorious days of summer slip into crisp evenings, the changing colors trigger a transition in seasonal décor.

“There’s an exciting mix of texture and color in fall fashion that’s extending into home decorating,” says designer Julie Robbins. “As for tabletop, a big trend this season is blending patterns you wouldn’t ordinarily put on the same table. For example, paring a very exotic or modern pattern, like an animal print or an architectural design with a mainstream vintage Americana pattern such as Fiesta, or maybe mixing a polka dot pattern with fine china. It’s unexpected, but it really works.”

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Festive Fun with Cookies and Cocoa – 4 Tasty Recipes

(Family Features) Treat your holiday guests to something special this Christmas. From mouth-watering spritz cookie recipes that will outshine the rest, to delicious hot cocoa boosted with salted caramel and an edible candy spoon on the side, you’ll be the host with the most in no time at all.

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Bracing for Disasters – Don’t Be Left in the Dark

(NAPSI)—Year after year, millions of Americans face danger from major storms, natural disasters and threatening power outages. The increasingly unpredictable nature of weather patterns, along with threats to our infrastructure provide a warning that major headaches can occur if homeowners postpone taking the steps necessary for proper preparedness.

“Proper preparedness is the best way to avoid potential harm to your home and your family,” said home improvement expert and Generac partner Danny Lipford, “Since September is National Preparedness Month, it’s an especially good time to create a disaster preparedness kit. I like to store mine in a laundry basket, so all of my items are organized in one place.”

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Gluten-Free Chocolate Cherry Peppermint Tassies

(NAPSI)—For the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion—or to make an occasion more special—few gifts can be as delightful as a delicious dish you’ve baked yourself.

For people who live gluten-free, it can also be an opportunity to share their lifestyle and show how tasty and lovely a gluten-free life can be.

One treat to try, that can be made gluten-free, is a new twist on an old standby—Chocolate Cherry Peppermint Tassies. These pretty little cookies taste sort of like a peppermint brownie bite filled with a cherry.

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Adding a Tropical Twist to Your Home Decorating

Tropical themes are a fun way to decorate any home, no matter where you live. Even if you don’t want to do a complete overhaul of your living area, you can add elements of the tropics to give you a subtle hint of the magic. Here are some ideas you can implement into your decorating to help you experience a little mini holiday every time you come home.

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Digital Scrapbooking with Picmonkey

I love digital scrapbooking and I do quite a bit of it. One of the programs I use is Picmonkey. Now I have the paid version, but it is only $4.99 a month as of this writing. As I was browsing the internet for more ideas on how to use Picmonkey in digital scrapbooking, I found a blog, http://momof6.com, with a wonderful 6-part series. I’m sharing it with you. I like her approach, especially where she states that she likes to scrapbook one event at a time so she isn’t overwhelmed. I hope you enjoy her series. I most certainly did!

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Holiday Decorating with Natural Elements

The holidays bring stores full of decorations related to the current season. There is merit, however, in choosing natural decorations. Filling your living room with plastic and synthetic decorations is only enjoyable for a short time, but using natural elements is a great way to beautify your living space while getting a little taste of the outdoors. Here are some ideas for creating a natural haven in your home during the holidays.

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Indoor Plants for Every Season

There are many reasons to use plants when decorating. Some of the benefits are the obvious aesthetic appeal, increased oxygen indoors and stress relief. There are plants for every season. Here are a few you can look for and add to your home décor when the season calls for it.

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10 Fall Soup Recipes to Warm Up Chilly Evenings

There is just nothing like a hot bowl of soup or stew when you need a comfort meal. Add crackers, rolls, or breadsticks to round out these soup recipes. You’ll never want canned soup again!

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Decorating with Dried Flowers and Other Living Things

When decorating your home, there are many ways to bring life in from the outdoors. A great way to bring the outdoor elements in without having to worry about upkeep is by drying things out before using them in your home. Everything from flowers, herbs, fruits, and veggies can be dried out and used in this way. It brings life but keeps things simple and easy, since these items no longer have to be watered or cared for.

Here are some ideas if you are interested in decorating with dried outdoor items.

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10 Easy Weeknight Casserole Recipes

I absolutely love casseroles! You have a whole meal in a pan. Just add a salad and some fruit and you have such an easy meal. Here are 10 casserole recipes for your busy weeknights.

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10 Mouthwatering Pumpkin Fudge Recipes

Autumn is the time where there is “pumpkin everything.” We can treat ourselves to pumpkin coffee, pie, cookies, cakes, and just about anything else our minds come up with. Well, if you are a fudge lover, you’re in luck. Here is a collection of 10 delicious pumpkin fudge recipes to make for yourself, you family, or when friends gather.

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Autumn Apple Recipes to Delight Your Tastebuds

I think I could gain ten pounds just looking at these yummy apple recipes for fall! There are cakes, cookies, breads, pancakes, salads, and much more!

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