5 Tricks for a Chore-Free Weekend

(Family Features) When thinking about errands, check-lists and even downtime, every busy person wishes there were more hours in the day. When tight on time, chores have a way of piling up and spilling into free time. With the right routine, however, day-to-day tasks can be tackled throughout the week, paving the way to a chore-free weekend, which means more time for the fun stuff.

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3 Ways Houseplants Could Cut Energy Costs

When you are being wise about your energy consumption, you will naturally look for little things you can do to minimize your use of it. Houseplants are beautiful to look at, but did you know they can also help you cut down on your energy bill? Here are a few thoughts on houseplants and the role they play in regards to saving energy.

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7 Ways to Save Energy in the Kitchen

Your kitchen can be one of the biggest energy wasters in your entire household. With all the large and small appliances, and all the activity that goes on there, there is always something waiting to drain energy. There are many simple tricks to saving energy in your kitchen, however. Follow some of these tips to see a dip in next month’s electricity bill.

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Fresh Flavors with Friends

(Family Features) Nothing beats a meal filled with flavorful ingredients fresh off the farm – unless you add a table filled with your closest friends to enjoy the bounty. From sides to main dishes to desserts, these recipes show you how to transform wholesome farm-raised foods into a crowd-pleasing menu you can enjoy from start to finish.

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Turn Your Bullet Journal Into A Memory Keeper

Time flies when you’re having fun, or are just plain busy, and who isn’t. Sometimes it seems like life is passing us by and it’s hard to look back and remember all the amazing little things that have happened to us even just a few months ago. With a few little tweaks your bullet journal can also become a memory keeper. You’ll love thumbing through the pages in years to come and having the pages take you back in time. Here are three ways to do just that.

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9 Ways to Use Extra Garden Tomatoes

If you have planted a garden in the past, you know tomatoes are often prolific. Before you know it, you have an overabundance of tomatoes. You don’t want to can them. Freezing isn’t such a good idea. And you can only eat so much spaghetti. If you’re looking for unique ways to use extra tomatoes look no further.


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Homemade Freezable Pizza Pockets for a Healthy Lunchbox

(Family Features) If good eating habits have fallen by the wayside during the summer break, you can kick off this school year right by pledging to guide your family toward healthier lunches.

“Back to school is a great time for families to make a healthy resolution they can carry on through the duration of the school year,” said Trish James, vice president, Produce for Kids. “As a mom of two boys, I understand the challenges parents face when packing a healthy, nutritious lunch for their children and for themselves. The Power Your Lunchbox Pledge was designed to help families tackle this universal challenge.”

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5 Tips to Develop a Habit of Reading in Your Child

Teaching your child to read may be one of the most important things you do as a parent. When your child can read, the whole world opens up to them. They will be able to read not only for fun, but will understand signs, food labels and instructions.

One of the most important tips in regards to teaching your child to read is to simply make time for it. How can you as a parent create a reading schedule for each child, and a location that works for everyone involved?

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There’s an Apple for That

(Family Features) If you’ve ever stood in the produce aisle and wondered what apple to select among the many varieties available, you’re not alone. Apple varieties can differ greatly when it comes to taste, texture, cooking and storage properties, making it important to make the right choice to get the best results for your recipe.

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Bullet Journaling 101 – Everything You Need To Know to Get Started

The bullet journal is an analog system, meaning you don’t need anything more complicated than a notebook and a pen or pencil. While it’s very customizable, and you’re certainly welcome to change things around, in this article, I will walk you through the setup for a traditional bullet journal as first introduced by Ryder Carroll from BulletJournal.com. Use it as a starting point, get comfortable with the basic system and then change it from there.

You’ll need a notebook, a pen, and a little bit of time to get started. The type of notebook you use is up to you. The traditional style is grid or dotted paper, but I find even ruled or blank pages work just fine.

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How to Get Organized with Daily Routines

Apparently, Americans are an unorganized lot because there’s a lot of talk, both online and offline, about how to get organized. You’ll find magazines with featured articles about it and television shows devoted to nothing but organizing your home. If you listen to many of these sources, you’ll find that one of the easiest ways to get organized is with a daily routine.

What is a daily routine and how can it help you get organized? A routine is another word for a habit. It’s something you’ve done much the same way for so long that you don’t even have to think about it anymore. You can easily create a routine for getting organized. Let’s look at the concept and see how it can be used to get your home organized.

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Who Can Benefit from Bullet Journaling?

In today’s busy world, where we have to keep track of lots and lots of information, almost anyone can benefit from bullet journaling. This particular system of staying organized has some unique properties that make it particularly helpful for people who thrive on lists and appreciate a non-digital system. Here’s a quick rundown to help you decide if bullet journaling is right for you.

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What Is A Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling has been a hot trend for a little while in the planner and getting organized communities online, but it may not be something that you’ve heard of. If not, you’re in for a treat. If you love to-do lists and check-lists, this is something you don’t want to miss.

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